The perfect combination of aesthetics and comfort gives you a safe home.
OTICCE——System Door and Window Solution Provider Improving the living space, enhancing the value of the house, protecting the safety of consumers, and bringing a better life are the promise of our brand: design for creating a safe and ideal living environment. View More
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We hope to create the world's top the product solution meets the needs of different groups all over the world.
Seiko quality,
Persevere in the details of each product.
Otis has been committed to the integration of design, R&D and technology from the beginning. We have a number of special experiments, introduce world-leading precision technology and top smart equipment, rely on cutting-edge technology, system design and rigorous testing to create High-quality doors and windows, fully striding forward to German Industry 4.0. View More
  • Sino-German R&D Cooperation

    Art comes from life and is higher than life, from nature and higher than nature. Through continuous cooperation with the German professional design team, Otis integrates decades of experience and understanding of door and window structure, runs through the modern home concept, and maximizes the expression of aesthetic elements in the space.

  • 30000 square meters base

    Combining advanced technology and the world's leading efficient team and operation process, Otis' technical masters lead the development, design and manufacture of Otis' excellent product series, always focusing on the precise testing and fine-tuning of each product to ensure that customers are always satisfied.

360-degree comprehensive policy support,
Build the future with you.
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